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PSHE and celebration assembly themes:

PSHE is an important subject for our school and is taught weekly in every Year Group. All teaching and support staff at Shirehampton Primary School have undertaken additional study and gained a level 6 teaching certification in PSHE.

Our PSHE planning follows two PSHE elements:

  • Jigsaw Scheme of work: This scheme explores feelings, relationships and achieving our goals. It will also cover relationship and sex education during term 6.
  • Lifelines: These themes are about teaching children valuable life skills from healthy eating, safety, drugs and mental health. Each year group will spend an afternoon a term covering one of these topics.

Each year group follows these themes termly when they are planning their weekly PSHE sessions.

TERM 1: JIGSAW: Being me in my world.

TERM 2: JIGSAW: Celebrating differences

TERM 3: JIGSAW: Dreams and goals

TERM 4: JIGSAW: Healthy me

TERM 5: JIGSAW: Relationships

TERM 6: JIGSAW: Changing me (Relationship and Sex education)

Every week the whole school focus on one strand of the termly theme. It is introduced in the assembly on Monday morning and then certificates awarded to two children in every class on a Friday during our celebration assembly.

Overview of weekly Celebration Assembly Themes 2020-21

School Travel Plan

Shirehampton Primary School encourages pupils, staff and all visitors to walk or cycle to and from school whenever possible.

Pupils are aware that walking and cycling to school can improve their health, fitness, is good for the environment and keeps the local streets free from congestion.

What we encourage and how it is supported:


Road safety is taught in dedicated PSHE lessons.

The school can be accessed via three separate pedestrian entrances which provide ease of access from various points in the surrounding local area.

Reward badges are given to pupils who have made a continual effort to walk to school.


A secure bike shelter is available in the playground for all pupils to use.

A cycle training afterschool club is provided for Key Stage 2 pupils.

Reward badges are given to pupils who have made a continual effort to get to and from school using either of these methods.

Park and Walk:

Detailed information of parking options (within a 5 minute radius) was issued to parents to encourage park and stride.

Reward badges are given to pupils who have made a continual effort to utilise park and stride.

Local Transport Links:

The school is well-served by bus and rail transport links:

The nearest train station is 0.6 miles from school which is a 14 minute walk.

The nearest bus stop is 0.3 miles from school which is a 7 minute walk which has buses that serve the local areas and city centre.