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Shirehampton Primary

Support Staff

Learning Support and Teaching Assistants:

Charlotte Pierce - Under 3s and Nursery

Nokomis Allen - Under 3s and Nursery

Aileen Walsh - Under 3s and Nursery

Nicola Johnson - Under 3s and Nursery

Lauren Krupa - Under 3s and Nursery

Natasha Dalton-Lewis (Apprentice) - Under 3s and Nursery

Kaci Button (Apprentice) - Under 3s and Nursery

Rachael Crouch - Reception

Sue Hayfield - Reception

Laura Fox (Apprentice) - Reception

Carly James (Apprentice) - Reception

Kim Collins - Year 1

Linda Pierce - Year 1 and Forest School

Tracy Godwin - Year 2 (1 to 1 support)

Kayleigh Challenger - Year 2 (maternity leave)

Jessica Stephen - Year 2 (covering maternity leave)

Zena Cummings-Snow - Year 2

Janet McLeod - Year 2

Jessica Stephen - Year 2

Ann-Marie Vernall - Year 2 ( 1 to 1 support)

Sue Pinnell - Year 3 

Kate Gannaway - Year 3

Michelle Sterland - Year 3 (1 to 1 support)

Kirsty Chandler - Year 3 

Tracy Clark - Year 4 and Nurture Room

Lynn Chandler - Year 5 (1 to 1 support)

Sam Palmer - Year 5

Rachel Godfrey - Year 6 and Nurture Room

Lindsay Barnes - Year 6

Iwona Marciniak - Bilingual TA (Polish)

Fatme Kapza - Bilingual TA (Turkish)

SEN Teaching Assistants:

Charlotte Weston - Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (SEND)

Lisa Cooper - Key Stage 2 Special Educational Needs (SEND)

Reading Buddies:

Suzanne Cocking

Jess Wagland (and Nurture Room) (maternity leave)

Jessica Stephen (currently covering TA maternity leave)

Lynne Matthews

Playground/Lunch Assistants:

Sarah Wagland - (Senior/Supervising SMSA)

Alison Mathers - (Wet Play Supervisor)

Jess Collier

Hayley Dymock

Lynn Chandler

Kate Gannaway

Pat Diston

Sally Everett

Tracy Clark

Kirsty Chandler

Ann-Marie Vernall

Lynne Matthews

Laura Fox

Katie Moore

Jess Wagland (maternity leave)

Carly James

Liah Leonard

Emily Wlaznik

Bobby Harvey

Katrina Anstey

Amanda Brice (Sports Coach)

Breakfast Club:

Sarah Wagland

Paul Maddaford

Aileen Walsh

Tracy Clark

Kirsty Chandler