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Shirehampton Primary

Teaching Staff

As well as our teaching staff covering each classroom, we also have full time and part time PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) teachers who cover the 10% non-teaching time for each full time class teacher.  We also have a modern foreign language (MFL) teacher, Carmen Garcia, who teaches Spanish right across the school including Nursery.

Our Teachers from September 2018

Mrs Nicky Carey

Shirehampton* (U3s)

Miss Selina Gilmour

Bristol (Nursery)

Miss Lucy Widdess


(Year Reception)

Miss Amy McNamee EYFS phase leader (SLT)


(Year Reception)

Mrs Sarah Franks

Paris (Y1)

Miss Rebecca Tooms 

Barcelona (Y1)

Mrs Joanna Carobene KS1 phase leader (SLT)

New York (Y2)

Mr Richard Lohan

Toronto (Y2)

Mr Josef Williams 

Rio de Janeiro (Y3)

Mr Nigel Ellway

La Paz (Y3)

Mrs Rebecca Sullivan Lower Key Stage 2 phase leader (SLT) 




Miss Natalie Roberts

Antananarivo (Y4)

Mr Mark Lawrence




Mr Michael Sell 

Timbuktu (Y4)

Mr Nigel Halligan

Shanghai (Y5)

Miss Mikaela Thomas

Bangkok (Y5)

Miss Sarah Gardner

Honiara (Y6)

Mr Richard McNerney Upper Key Stage 2 phase leader (SLT)

Suva (Y6)


*Each class has been assigned a place name starting with Shirehampton for under 3's and stretching further afield as children move up the school.

Other Teaching Staff 


      Miss Melina Burrowes - (SLT) Deputy Headteacher and SENDCo


      Mrs Carmen Garcia - Spanish teacher 


 Mr Michael Sell - PPA cover 



             Mrs Claire Gallagher - PPA cover 



   Miss Natalie Roberts - PPA cover


Mrs Kirsty Whitley - Booster groups 



Mrs Chris Calland - Specialist Behaviour teacher