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All pupils allocated a place in the Specialist Resource Base are referred to us via a Local Authority. Once your child’s place has been agreed, after a period of consultation, you will receive an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) confirming Shirehampton Primary Specialist Resource Base as the named school and you will receive a letter allowing you to accept or decline the place offered.

Once you have accepted the place, we will contact you to arrange to meet you and to visit your child in their current setting. At this time, we will send you a ‘Welcome Pack’ with parent information, as well as a pack for your child to help prepare them for the move. Within this pack there are photographs of the Specialist Resource Base learning environment, teaching staff and teaching assistants. Photographs of other key adults such as the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teachers will also be included.

Before your child continues their educational journey with us a series of transition visits will be organised with you; this will include time for your child to become familiar with their new setting and staff will then be arranged.

For younger pupils (Key Stage 1) we may also request to visit you at home. This visit supports the transition process and also provides an opportunity for your child to meet their teacher in a comfortable and familiar environment.

It is usual that the first visit to our Specialist Resource Base for your child will take place after school when there are fewer distractions or pupils present; allowing your child the opportunity to explore, without the added anxiety of other children. It also enables your child to meet the staff on a one-to-one basis.

Subsequent visits will be during the school day and are usually supported by familiar staff from your child’s current educational setting. The number of visits will be decided upon based on individual needs.