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Curriculum coverage - We always follow the national curriculum for each subject.

Maths - this term we are looking at fractions including: simplifying fractions, find equivalents, comparing and ordering fractions, mixed number and improper fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions and converting fractions into decimals. 

English -  this term we are reading the book 'Holes' by Louis Sachar and are studying the following genres:descriptive narrative, recounts, informal letters, instructions and persuasive leaflets. In grammar we are looking at semi colons, colons, hyphens, dashes, modal verbs and present perfect tense and embedding this into our English lessons. 

Science - We do weekly Science lessons and this term we are looking at electricity including how to make and draw circuit diagrams, how to affect bulbs and buzzers and key vocabulary within this area.

Topic - In topic this term we are looking at World War 2 including how the war started, rationing, evacuation, the role of women, the holocaust and key events during the war.

PE - We follow the Real PE scheme of work and this term is focusing on creative skills as well as balancing and how it can be applied to team games.

DT - This term we are immersing ourselves in a project to design, create and evaluate a phone cover.

Music - We will be continuing our ukulele lessons looking at different chord formations and learning riffs.

PSHE - we are looking at the topic 'celebrating differences' and working on understanding what makes us different and the importance of making everyone feel included.