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Helping At Home

Year 2 is an important year with the end of key stage SATs looming. Any support at home is welcome.

Reading - encourage daily reading. Ask questions about what has been read,

Writing - encourage your child to write as much as possible. They may enjoy writing stories or lists. Help with spelling, but encourage your child to have a go. Give them the time to share their writing with you.

Spellings - practise the spellings that your child has been sent home with...they have them for a reason. Children in year 2 are expected to be able to spell (and use in context) these words. Speak to the class teacher for ideas on how to help with learning the spellings.

Maths - Play maths and logic games. Look at calculations together and allow your child to explain how to solve them. Pose problems, for example sharing out grapes equally, and discuss ways that this can be done.