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Pastoral Support Team advice

Here you will find a range of resources, ideas and suggestions to help you and your child maintain good mental health during the time school is closed. Remember, keep your usual rules, boundaries and expectations in place but also have fun!

As we prepare for all children to return to school in September, Not Just Behaviour, (Mrs Chris Calland supports children and staff at SPS) has created a resource for parents called preparing your child for the return to school. It is a series of slides with a voice recording to talk you through each one. It will help you consider the impact of lockdown; ways to manage anxiety; share effective and positive ways to communicate with you child and think about practical ways to prepare for the return to school. It is a brilliant resource that you can use with your child over the summer holidays. You can access it here and either click on each slide or run it as a slide show or you can watch the YouTube video below.


Coronavirus: A story for children

Animal Yoga

Positive memory activity

Encouraging good behaviour

Self esteem and social emotional learning and activities

Make your own worry monster

Top 10 wellbeing tips - guidance for supporting parent and child wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak

Coping calendar - keep calm; stay wise; be kind