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Spellings and Homework

Each week there is a spelling test on a Thursday; the children will have 12 spellings to practice at home in preparation for this as well as 3 taught sessions at school in their spelling groups. 

Please find the homework and spellings by clicking on the links below.

We expect the homework to be of a high standard or they will go to homework club to improve it to the standard required and miss out on the reward. This is, as we know, how amazing all the children at Shirehampton are and that they are capable of outstanding work!

Term 5-

Term 5 spellings

Term 4-

Click on the links below.

Term 4 Homework- Maps

Term 4 Spellings

Term 3-

Click on the links below.

Term 3 Homework- Shang Dynasty- Choose 2 of the tasks

Term 3 Shang Dynasty Key Words

Term 3 Spellings


Term 2

Term 2 Homework- Mountains

Term 2 - Spellings


Term 1

Here is a copy of the homework:

Term 1 homework - the Mayans

Year 5 Spellings- Term 1

Thank you in advance for spending the time supporting your children to complete this.