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Help at Home

Here you can find details of when to reading, spellings and maths home learning activities. The topic based termly home learning can also be found here.

term 2 holiday home learning

Please see the link below for details of the half term home learning tasks. Please be aware that every child that completes their home learning will be given a reward towards the end of term, to celebrate the hard work that they have put into their learning outside of school.

Year 3 Term 2 Home Learning Term 2 home Learning is due in on Friday 20th November.



To support your child’s learning, we’re giving you an online version of your child’s maths textbook and workbook- called Parent Guides.

To access MNP, please follow the link below and put in the access code for the relevant year group.

NB: Access is available at any time if you'd like to further support your child with their math's learning at home.


A printer isn't needed in order to complete the workbook- it can be done fully online. Please download the guide below.

A guide on how to complete the MNP workbook online


Current access codes

Year 3 Access Code: KLE9KER

Year 4 Access Code: K9CRXB8

Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to access maths content for your child’s year group, along with help guides and lesson support.

If you have any trouble accessing MNP- please email your class teacher.

The lessons to complete will be posted on this page.


Weekly Tasks 

Spellings can be found by clicking here
Spellings will be tested every Friday.

Spelling Shed

This year, we will be introducing the online platform 'Spelling Shed' for children to practice their spellings. It has games and activities for your children to play. They can play against each other to make learning spellings more interesting! 

To request a login, please contact your child's teacher.



Please read with your child at least 4 times a week. Remember to sign their reading record. Some reading books have been given out and the rest are to follow early next week.


TT Rockstars

Your child has a TT Rockstars account. Please encourage them to play daily. Termly prizes will be handed out to the children for their effort. If you need a reminder of their TT Rockstars password, please ask your child's teacher. (See e-mail addresses below).



To request logins and passwords, please e-mail your class teacher below.



 Website help for home learning


Real PE at home

The website address is

To gain access you will need a parent email and password which can be found below:

Parent email is

Password is stbedescat


Our topic in term 2 is The Stone Age. Have a look at the BBC for some interesting videos to watch with your children. 
BBC Bitesize- Stone Age


In Science this term, we will be looking at rocks. Have a look at this video to see how fossils are formed.

How Fossils Are Formed

To find out what a rock is, click on the link below.

What is a rock?

Spelling activities

Look, Cover, Write, Check

1. Look at the spelling word
2. Cover the work with your hand
3. Write the word
4. Uncover the word and check you have spelt it correctly

Make it fun!

Choose some cheerful coloured pencils and copy the words out in rainbow writing.

Check comprehension

Try putting the words into sentences to make sure your child understands what they mean and how to use them.

Sing your spellings

Does your child like music? Why not sing the spellings along to a favourite tune?


READING: Whilst it is important to listen to your child read, at this age, it is also important to be questioning your child's understanding. Here are a list of questions you could use to ask your child as they are reading:

- What do you remember so far?

- What do you think might happen next?

- Who are the key characters in the book?

- Why is (character X) feeling that way?

- Why did the author use (word X) and why?

- Can you find some amazing adjectives/verbs/adverbs?

- Why do you think the character did that?

- What other stories have you read that are similar?

- What period is the story set in and why do you think that?

EAL resources from Flash Academy

Keeping Healthy

All about EAL

Activate your imagination

The world around us