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Shirehampton Primary

Year 3

Family Challenge

On Friday 18th April, Years 3 and 4 had a family challenge. 

An Egyptian treasure hunt.  

Clues were hidden around the playground which parents and children had to follow.

On each clue was a Hieroglyph that had to be copied to solve the mystery message.

Allegedly, some of the clues were a bit cryptic! (Mr Cottle did it! Nothing to do with Mr E...)

Once the clues had been deciphered and the message worked out, everyone had to 'walk like an Egyptian!'

A massive thank you to all of the parents that came and had a 'bit of gentle exercise', we promise to do a slightly more sedate challenge next time!


Year 3 is brought to you by the teachers:


Mrs Sullivan,                   Mr Ellway

and Mr Sell

With assistance from our TAs:


Miss Gannaway     and      Mrs Pinnell