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Shirehampton Primary

Year 3

Sports Week

During our Sports Week, 18th - 22nd June, Year 3 had a World Cup.

Actually, we had two! One was a football world cup and the other a bench ball world cup.

The children were put into teams of four and given a country. We  then played a knock-out tournament to see who would be world champions.  Unfortunately England didn't win. It appears that Portugal are the new world champions!

Our World Cup Winners!

In our bench ball competition the usual suspects, Brazil, Germany, France and Argentina, were progressing towards the final, when we had a late entry. Our rogue nation went on to win the cup, giving Scotland the title of Bench Ball World Champs!

Bench ball world champions!

Family Challenge

On Friday 18th April, Years 3 and 4 had a family challenge. 

An Egyptian treasure hunt.  

Clues were hidden around the playground which parents and children had to follow.

On each clue was a Hieroglyph that had to be copied to solve the mystery message.

Allegedly, some of the clues were a bit cryptic! (Mr Cottle did it! Nothing to do with Mr E...)

Once the clues had been deciphered and the message worked out, everyone had to 'walk like an Egyptian!'

A massive thank you to all of the parents that came and had a 'bit of gentle exercise', we promise to do a slightly more sedate challenge next time!


Year 3 is brought to you by the teachers:


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