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Shirehampton Primary

Year 3

Term 2

This term we are continuing with our novel of short stories and we will be using 'Puss in Boots' as our main focus. 

On Friday 30th November we are having our 'Stone Age Day'. The children will be learning how stone age man made fire, cooked bread and decorated his cave.

All information is on the newsletter.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr E and Mr Williams

 Welcome to Year 3

 Year 3 is brought to you by the teachers:


 Mr Ellway                                   and                              Mr Williams

and Mr Sell

With assistance from our TAs:

 Mrs Pierce and Mrs Chandler

Welcome back to a new school year. 

Year 3 has started and the children are all settling in to the routines of life in Year 3.  It has been great starting to get to know our new classes.