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Year Reception

Welcome to Year Reception – Miss Amy McNamee and Miss Lucy Widdess

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Term 5

In Term 5 we have been learning all about life cycles. As many of you know, we have hatched eggs and now have four chicks that will be staying with us! The children have been watching them grow and have been creating life cycle posters detailing what changes they have observed over the past few weeks. We are now waiting for the chicks to become fully feathered and then they will move into their coop in the play ground. We had an extra teat in the form of a pair of special visitors from the RSPB who took us to the Green Space to find mini-beasts. It was a fantastic experience and they were able to help us find a whole variety of animals including: slow worms, woodlice, butterflies, spiders, ants and beetles!



In maths the focus has been solving addition and subtraction problems. We are now able to have a go at reading and writing number sentences using the = + and - symbols and can use objects and a number line to answer questions. 


Next term will be a busy one so please keep an eye out for dates on the calendar for different events that will be happening in school. It will be our final term as Reception so we are looking forward to working together to make sure that we are ready for Year One! 

If your child has completed all ten key word sheets they will be now getting a slip to practise spelling some of the tricky words found on these. Please make sure you are signing the reading record when your child has read at home- many children are close to receiving their next reading certificate in celebration assembly! Again, thank you for your support at home- especially now that we are heading into the final term and will be making end of year assessments (see link 'End of Year Expectations') - all the learning that is reinforced at home helps your child retain what is taught in school so they grow into confident and resilient learners! 

Amy McNamee & Sue Hayfield (London Class)

Lucy Widdess & Rachael Crouch (Edinburgh Class)

Term 4

We have had a short, yet very busy term! The children have really engaged with our focus on growing this term and they have all been able to plant their own seeds. We currently have potatoes, cress, spinach and peas growing in our classroom! The children will be taking their growing pots home with them on the last day of term so they can take care of them and continue to watch them grow. (Feel free to bring a bag or something to carry them home in to prevent any spillages!)


We were able to watch the 'Smoothie Bike' in action, we then had a sample of smoothies to drink and had a go at identifying the fruits and vegetables that we could taste. A few of us were able to taste: kale, spinach, apple, kiwi and berries!


Here are a few photos of us breaking a bit of a sweat completing the sponsored event- thank you to those who have donated!



Also, just a quick thank you to those Parents/Carers who were able to attend Parents Evening, it was a great opportunity to discuss how your child is progressing in school. Remember- if you would like to support your child at home please refer to their Learning Log for ideas. If you look on the useful websites tab there are good websites that we use in class that you can access at home as well.  

         Thank you to all our Parents/Carers for your continued support.                                             Enjoy the Easter break.          

Amy McNamee & Sue Hayfield (London Class)

Lucy Widdess & Rachael Crouch (Edinburgh Class)



Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3- we hope you all had a brilliant Christmas break! 

This term we are learning all about 'Space!'.   We were very lucky and had an 'out of this world' visit from the Simon who brought along his Space Odyssey Dome!

First we had to take our shoes and socks off and then when we walked inside the dome.It was very dark inside, so the teachers needed to guide us where to sit with torches. As we sat quietly we were amazed as the dome lit up and we followed astronaut George on an adventure around the galaxy. We learnt all about what life might be like on other planets and we were able to lie back as Simon pointed out star constellations in the projected night sky above. We can't wait to write about our experience and draw some fantastic pictures of what we saw inside!



If you would like to find out more about Space Odyssey you can follow his twitter account: @Sp_Odysseydome

or visit the website:

Reading mornings are now in full swing, so please feel free to come and join us every Friday morning between 8.40 to 9.00. Keep an eye on the Diary tab for any other important dates.

Also, please remember to look in your child's Learning Log book for key words to practise at home. You will also have had a slip to say which day to bring your child's reading book into school for it to be changed. Don't forget to sign each time they have read at home- we will be counting and handing out certificates to those whose reach the reading milestones in celebration assembly. 

         Thank you to all our Parents/Carers for your continued support.          

Amy McNamee & Sue Hayfield (London Class)

Lucy Widdess & Rachael Crouch (Edinburgh Class)


Term 2

What a fantastic start to school the children have had! They have settled well into the routines and challenges of school life and we couldn't be prouder!

This term we are focusing our learning around the story of 'Owl Babies' and other nocturnal animals. We started off the term with a visit from 'The Wriggly Road Show'. James brought in a variety of different nocturnal animals such as; Snakes, Cockroaches, Rats, Tenrecs, Giant Stick Insects and a Bearded Dragon to share with us! We asked some thoughtful questions to further our own knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!



  Ask us to retell the story of 'Owl Babies' at home, you could visit the library to find the book to share together at bedtime. 

We look forward to welcoming Parents/Carers in to participate in our first family challenge this term. Keep an eye out for the date on the message board in the playground over the next week.

Thank you to all our Parents/Carers for your continued support- don't forget to check the learning log for ideas/activities that support the learning in school and practise, practise, practise the tortoise words!!!

Amy McNamee & Sue Hayfield (London Class)

Lucy Widdess & Rachael Crouch (Edinburgh Class)