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Shirehampton Primary School

Curriculum Coverage - what we learn

Our provision is based around a high-structure/high-nurture approach, in order to support our children with their emotional regulation. Learning will be tailored to the children’s individual needs and delivered using a practical and play-based approach. Alongside academic learning, we continuously work to support our pupils with managing their emotions and developing positive relationships. Sensory breaks are also an important part of our day to support the children with their attention and focus. Please have a look at our timetable below to see what a typical day looks like in Canberra Class:


Term 4 Timetable


Term 1:

English: Grumpy Frog

Maths: Maths No Problem!

Topic: New Beginnings


Term 2:

English: Milo's Monster

Maths: Maths No Problem!

Topic: Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings


Term 3:

English: Along Came a Different

Maths: Maths No Problem!

Topic: The Group Plan


Term 4:

English: Perfectly Norman

Maths: Maths No Problem!

Topic: Thinking with your Eyes