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English including phonics, reading and spelling

At Shirehampton, English is a big part of the school day - whether it's through discrete lessons or the fact that reading and writing is embedded into everything we do.

The English curriculum handbook detailing the progression of how this subject is taught across our school, can be found here.

You can also find resources to help out at home with phonics and reading.


For more information about what phonics is and how we teach it at Shirehampton, please click here.

Reception - helping at home

There are three sets of sounds for children to learn and they are accompanied by Green Words (words that align with the sounds and can be sounded and blended together by the children) and Red Words (which are High Frequency Words (HFW) that often cannot be sounded out).

To help at home, you can:

- Practice the sound and the accompanying 'ditty' 

- Practice segmenting and blending the green words

- Help children to recognise the red words by sight. 

Set 1.1 soundsSet 1.1 Green wordsSet 1.1 Red words 





For more information about how we teach spellings at Shirehampton, please click here.


Each year group hand out weekly spellings which you can access through their class pages but below is an outline for each year. 

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6



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