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Home Learning

Please find the home learning for the week below.


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Week 7 Home Learning



Ext. Write- Mega city

Where does the story begin? What are the surroundings like?

Who are the characters? What’s the problem?

How is the boy feeling?


Under the dark city skies, there were rumbles of thunder. The road was busy with cars honking and the rain was pouring. On the busy pavement, there was a boy playing his guitar. The sounds were drowned out by the busy city noises, but that didn’t stop the boy. Accompanied by his best friend, the boy played his merry tunes. It was a tough night, with very little fortune. The boy and his friend headed into the dark knowing they had each other. Although he was tired from hours outside, he felt sure that his plan would work...


Maths- MNP Chapter 2 Lesson 6 Textbook Pages 42 - 45


Grammar-  Kung Fu Punctuation
Watch this video Can you practice the moves for the punctuation? Feel free to send a video of your moves.


PSHE- LO: Am I always responsible for my actions? (Jigsaw link - I understand my actions affect others and try to see things from their points of view).
Watch this video -
Pause the video at question points in order to answer independently or have a discussion with someone at home.


PE- Indoor Recess



English- Create your own storyboard on how to wash a wooly mammoth.

Read the story again.

Story Board


Maths (Lesson 7) Adding with Renaming Textbook Pages 46 - 51


Topic - LO: I can identify why Stonehenge is important. - Children will research Stonehenge using supporting videos and create a poster for their own ‘Save Stonehenge protest’. Please watch the following YouTube videos and make notes about how and why Stonehenge was created:  

Stonehenge Protest


IT- Purple Mash. Create a poster about why we shouldn’t hand out passwords. Find under ‘To do’ tab.

Singing Assembly - Lean on me



English - Your task is to rewrite yesterday’s sentences using adverbs and time conjunctions.

e.g . Step 2- Add the bubbles. > Step 2- Next, add the bubbles slowly.

Adverb List


Maths (Lesson 8) Adding with Renaming- no regrouping- Textbook Pages 52 - 54


Science - LO: To understand the rock cycle in relation to the three main rock types.
1.   First, please watch and listen carefully to this video -
2.   Have a go at completing the rock cycle below.
3.   Check your answers on the following page.

  1. Design your own ‘rock cycle’ poster.

 Rock Cycle



Art - LO: To create a Stone Age fire by exploring the mixture of colours. Using either colouring pencils, pens, crayons or paints, children should be exploring the variety of colours within the flames. Children should explore the variety of colour tones they are able to create by mixing red and yellow in order to create a realistic burning glow. 

Stone Age Art



 PE- Just Dance- I like to move it.

 Spellings practice- Use

Maths Practice- TT Rockstars

Purple Mash Mental Arithmetic- Found under ‘To Do’ tab. Play Funky Platform.


If you would like any other supplementary materials, please see daily  lessons here