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Home Learning (enforced closure and self-isolating)

Each class teacher will upload a week of activities for you to do across the week. The activities will be on one document and include a selection of activities from all areas of the Early Years curriculum. These are just for guidance. There is no pressure from us for you to complete every single one.

We recommend children in FS (Nursery and YrR) spend 1 hour on learning spread across each day. This should include learning from several different areas of the Early Years Foundation curriculum and prioritise reading or sharing books, practicing phonics and key words, writing a sentence or mark making and using Numbots.

We would encourage you to email completed work or photos of your child learning to your child’s class teacher. It will be marked, and feedback or comments provided via the email address you sent the work in from. Teachers will provide feedback every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will be used by them to prepare the work for the following week.

Please email your child’s class teacher with any queries or if you would like share any of your child’s learning. We're always on the end of an email, so please make contact with us. Everything that you do with your child will make a difference so thank you.  

YrR:                                                                                          Edinburgh class - Miss Selina Gilmour                       

London class - Miss Amy McNamee                             


Week beginning 23/11/2020


This week we have been leaning the sounds y, z, qu


Can you practice writing these sounds in different ways, for example in the air, in paint, in sand, even in the bath!! What objects can you think of that begin with these sounds, can you draw a picture of them and label them with that sound? Can you practice blending and segmenting words using the sounds we've learnt. Try playing this game: point to the sounds, blend them together, read the word and select the correct picture. 

Have a go at blending and segmenting the words in this activity.

CVC word- Reading Powerpoint

 Reading Game

Keep practising reading these key words. Watch out for the ’tricky’ words you cannot sound out. When you can read the words on sight, colour them in!   Key words 1-4




This week we will be learning about how many ways we can make 5. Can you find different ways to make 5 and record it in your own way? Can you write a number sentence, for example 2+3=5. Can you find 5 objects around the house? Don't forget to put your objects into two piles and add them together to make 5.


Learn all about number 5!

I spy number 5 activity 

Number bonds to 5

Number sentences to 5 


Listen to the story of Night Monkey, Day Monkey 

Night Monkey, Day Monkey

Can you draw a picture of one of the nocturnal animals from the story. Which animal is your favourite? Can you label the picture using the sounds that we have learnt? Don't forget to use your robot arms to chop up the word to help you hear the sounds.