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Home Learning (enforced closure and self-isolating)

Each class teacher will upload a week of activities for you to do across the week. The activities will be on one document and include a selection of activities from all areas of the National curriculum. These are just for guidance. There is no pressure from us for you to complete every single one.

We recommend children in Y5 & 6 spend, each day, 30 minutes on English, 30 minutes on maths and 2 hours on other curriculum subjects plus 15 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of exercise.

We would encourage you to email completed work or photos of your child learning to your child’s class teacher. It will be marked, and feedback or comments provided via the email address you sent the work in from. Teachers will provide feedback every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will be used by them to prepare the work for the following week.

Please email your child’s class teacher with any queries or if you would like share any of your child’s learning. We're always on the end of an email, so please make contact with us. Everything that you do with your child will make a difference so thank you.

                                                                                                      Honiara class - Miss Mikaela Thomas and Mr Mark Lawrence      

  Suva class - Mr Richard McNerney                       


Self isolation work. 

You are expected to complete work during self-isolation. 



Over the next two weeks we will be completing our novel Danny the Champion of the world and it would be great if you could read along at home if you do not have a copy of the book you can find a digital version here: We are currently on ch.17 The Taxi. 

For writing we will be writing a letter to Mr V Hazel to persuade him not to poach. See the PowerPoint to explain what a persuasive letter should include and then research reasons not to poach, complete them on a planning sheet before finally writing up each point and explanation in a formal persuasive letter.

Below is a reading comprehension linked to each chapter of Danny the Champion of the World, this should be spread across the two weeks.


 The Taxi  











Goodbye Mr Hazell

Doc Spencer's Surprise 

My Father



Please use the Maths no Problem website: 
Here is the access code: I6S88AD
We are currently coming to the end of our fractions topic, it would be great for your child to complete chapter 3 worksheet 16, then complete the  chapter 3 review which will be available online. 
If you would like a reminder about how to complete dividing by a whole number then this video is very informative
As of Tuesday, we will be moving on to chapter 4 (Decimals) 
Tuesday- worksheet 1- writing and reading decimals.
Wednesday - worksheet 2 Diving whole numbers 
Thursday - Worksheet 3 Dividing whole numbers
Friday - worksheet 4 Writing fractions as a decimal. 
If you are unsure of the tasks please look at the textbook on the website and look at the in focus tasks and the possible methods you can use.