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Home Learning using Google Classroom (enforced closure and self-isolating)

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Growth Mindset:

Has your child ever said to you ‘There’s no point, I’ll never be able to do it’ or avoided doing something because they’ve failed at it in the past? Children (and adults!) with a growth mindset believe that intelligence and abilities can be developed through effort, persistence, trying different strategies and learning from mistakes. This thinking is what we encourage at school and also works for home learning. Have a look at the poster and try it out!



All of your home learning work will be posted on Google classroom.

Please login to find all of your weekly home learning. Click on the image below to take you to the login page.

You will have recently been sent your child's login details.
The username needs to be entered in this format.

If prompted to change your password, please choose one that your child is likely to remember as staff do not have access to individual passwords.




To find out more about how to use Google Classroom, please download the file below.

A parents guide to Google Classroom.



Some frequently asked questions about Google Classroom can be found here:




Each class teacher will upload a week of activities for you to do across the week. The activities will be on one document and include a selection of activities from all areas of the National curriculum. These are just for guidance. There is no pressure from us for you to complete every single one.

We recommend children in Y5 & 6 spend, each day, 30 minutes on English, 30 minutes on maths and 2 hours on other curriculum subjects plus 15 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of exercise.
Work will be marked, and feedback or comments provided via Google Classroom.


Teachers will provide feedback every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will be used by them to prepare the work for the following week.

Please email your child’s class teacher with any queries that you have. 

We're always on the end of an email, so please make contact with us. Everything that you do with your child will make a difference so thank you.


 Honiara class - Miss Mikaela Thomas and Mr Mark Lawrence    

  Suva class - Mr Richard McNerney