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How to help your child at home


Free online ebooks here

In year 5, children tend to read independently. Therefore, you can support their journey of reading by asking your child questions about their book to develop a deeper understanding of the text. Here are a list of some questions you could ask whist they are reading a book at home: 

- What impressions do you get about...? Why? 

- Can you find any words/phrases that tell you the character is feeling anxious? Angry? Delighted? 

- Why do you think the author wrote this book? 

-Would you change any part of the story?

-Find 2 things the author wrote about this character that made him/her likeable or unlikeable?

- Where/where is the story set? How do you know this? 

- Compare one character to the other. How are they different or similar?

- What would you do if you were the character and in the same sticky situation? 


Spellings at home

Make learning spellings fun! Encourage your child to use the interactive  website - spelling shed. Each child has been given their own log in details with spelling set for them to practice each week. If you need their login details, please do not hesitate to ask their class teacher. 

Click on this link:

OR alternatively, you can learn spellings in many other ways...

 Look, Cover, Write, Check

1. Look at the spelling word
2. Cover the work with your hand
3. Write the word
4. Uncover the word and check you have spelt it correctly

Check comprehension

Try putting the words into sentences to make sure your child understands what they mean and how to use them.



TTrockstars - Encourage your child to use TTrockstars and rock their way to the top! Every child has their own username and password. 

BBC KS2 Maths - This website has lessons, games and activities to support your child all areas of the maths curriculum. 



Being active at home

At Shirehampton Primary, we follow a PE scheme called 'Real PE'. You can access this at home.

Click on the following website:

To gain access you will need a parent email and password which can be found below:

Parent email is

Password is stbedescat