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St Mary's Walk, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9RR

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Shirehampton Primary School


Forthcoming events:

Thursday 25th May - School Disco

YrR and Y1 - 3.15pm to 4pm

Y2 and Y3 - 4:15pm to 5pm 

Y4, Y5 and Y6 - 5:15pm to 6pm


Wednesday 14th June - Fathers Day Gift Event  - during the school day


Friday 14th July - Summer Fair -  after school



Previous Events:


Christmas Fair 2022

We had a wonderful time at our Christmas Fair on 2-12-2022! There was lots on offer including food, drink, games, crafts, toys, books and jewellery to buy! Father Christmas dropped by and gave gifts to the children. He parked his sleigh in the playground and it even snowed for us! We were treated to some beautiful music from the school choir who performed throughout the afternoon. We were overwhelmed with support from the school community. But also, the wider community of Shirehampton who donated a great many items so that we could successfully run the event.


Hot Chocolate Sales

We have been running Hot Chocolate sales in the playground after school during T3. These will continue during T4.


Hot Drink and Cake Sale

At the end of T3 we held a wonderful cake sale to raise money for the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Appeal. Thank you to everyone who donated and bought cakes allowing us to raise over £200 for the fund.


Film Nights

Our 2 film nights during T4 were a great success! It was lovely to see the children watching a film with their friends. The children enjoyed hot dogs, popcorn, and a drink, which they got to eat while watching the film. Many brought pillows, blankets, teddies, and cushions to sit on. One group had even created their own bed on the hall floor!


Mother’s Day Gift Event

The children were given the opportunity to create a special gift for their Mums, Nans, special someone for Mother’s Day. There was a great variety of gifts to choose from, and the children were able to make their own selection from everything that was on offer. They also decorated their gift bags with a unique picture/message and chose their own gift tags. The children really enjoyed taking part in this activity and were so excited to keep their presents hidden until Mother’s Day.


SPS PTA (Friends of SPS)

At Shirehampton Primary School, we are very lucky to have an active and enthusiastic PTA who work tirelessly to fundraise so we can buy ‘extras’ that we wouldn’t be able to afford from the main school budget. The PTA has monthly meetings to discuss ideas to raise funds for the school and also fun activities for the children!

PTA Committee


Join us! 

The PTA is looking for new members! If you are interested in joining the PTA please visit the 'Friends of Shirehampton Primary School' page on Facebook. You will find updates and information on there. 

SPS Facebook Page

You can contact the Friends of Shirehampton Primary School through this email address: Shireps.pta@gmail.com

What are we raising money for?

All the events that we organise are to raise funds for the school to be able to fund projects that are not possible within the school budget alone. This year we have worked with school and the School Council to devise a ‘Wishlist’ of items that we will use this money for.

School Library Renovation

The main item this year is a major renovation of the school library, to include decorating, furniture, access, and seating. The vision is for it to be a lending library and a place where the children want to go to read for pleasure. The renovation will include a reading tree which children can sit under to read and feel calm.

Other items on the wishlist

  • Goals and nets for the cages in the playground
  • Perspex screening for the Reception Class Playground to protect them from the weather
  • EYFS Outdoor Storage
  • Upkeep/Maintenance of playground furniture including fencing around the nature garden
  • New school football kits and sponsorship
  • Sponsorship for swim squad
  • A calm space outside in the playground.


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