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Home Learning at SPS during closure

If the school is directed by our local health team, local authority (Council) or the government to close either partially or fully due to Covid staff will be provide work that should be completed at home.

We appreciate that juggling home schooling, working and finding a healthy balance in this unprecedented time is not easy and so it is not our intention to overload you with tasks that require mass printing or parental input.  Keeping children engaged in their learning whilst at home is not easy so we have prepared content for your child that can be completed both independently or with adult support.  Each class teacher will upload a week of activities for you to do across the week. The activities will be on one document and include a selection of activities from all areas of the National curriculum. These are just for guidance. There is no pressure from us for you to complete every single one. Please see each year group page for our expectations for the amount of time that should be spent on home learning each week.

We would encourage you to email completed work to your child’s class teacher. It will be marked, and feedback provided via the email address you sent the work in from. Teachers will provide feedback every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will be used by them to prepare the work for the following week.

Please email your child’s class teacher with any queries or if you would like share any of your child’s learning. You’ll find the email address for your child’s class on the year group page. We're always on the end of an email, so please make contact with us. Everything that you do with your child will make a difference so thank you.