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Starting School in Reception September 2020

New Message 17.7.2020

This week we have sent out letters to each family inviting you to a meet and greet session with your child's new teacher and teaching assistant. The letter details your specific date (either Tuesday 1st or Wednesday 2nd September) and time. If you have not received this letter then please email Miss McNamee:

Children will then start their settling in period on the 3rd of September. If your child's birthday is before the 7th March 2016 they will be in GROUP 1 and they will be following the yellow highlighted section in the table below. For children born after 7th March 2016 they will be in GROUP 2 and will be following the green highlighted section in the table below:




3rd – 4th September

Afternoons only

1.15 – 3.10

Mornings only

8.40 – 11.30

7th – 11th September

Mornings with lunch 8.40 – 12.30

Mornings only


14th – 18th September


Mornings with lunch 8.40 – 12.30

21st  – Onwards



 If you would like any further clarification please email Miss McNamee:


We hope you have a fantastic summer, stay safe and we will see you all in September :)!


The school nursing team is here to help

At this time of year the school nursing service usually offers a parent /carer information session, to help with the transition of starting school. This year they are offering a virtual session for all parents of new starters joining SPS, with the aim of providing information about what the school nursing service can provide for all children and how families can support their child to be school ready.

The team acknowledge that there may be a lot of parental anxiety due to the current situation, and additionally starting school can sometimes be a worrying time for both parents and children, however they want to support parents to have conversations with their children, to prepare them for starting school as well as acknowledging the difficulties in these unprecedented times.

Please click here for more information about session times and how to book a place.


Updated 12/06/20  

New Message 09/06/20

Please note there is no New Parent's Evening tonight 9th June 2020.
Thank you to those of you who responded to the email regarding the meeting, please see the latest one received from us for instructions on how to join our remote meeting this afternoon.


Here is the following information that we would normally give out at the meeting: 


This presentation gives you details of starting school at Shirehampton Primary School.

Parents Evening Presentation


The handbook below gives you all the information you will need RE: important people, term dates, uniform, lunches and the curriculum:

Reception Handbook 2020  

All the children in Reception start school on a part-time basis. This enables us to build positive relationships in the first few weeks of school. Please check the letters below to see which group your child will be starting in, in September 2020. 

    Starting School Edinburgh Class              Starting School London Class

Below is a pupil transition book for you to go through with your child. There are pictures and a few activities for you to do at the back of the book.

         London Class                    Edinburgh Class

If you wish to order school uniform please download the form here. You can then email your order to the school email address: and pay on collection. 


If you have any queries or would like to seek clarification please email your class teacher. Class emails are checked on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

Edinburgh (Miss Gilmour): 

London (Miss McNamee): 



New Message 01/06/20

Hello, we hope this message finds you safe and well.


Thank you to those of you who replied to the email regarding our New Reception Parents Evening on the 9th June. We will be in touch with you regarding the timings of this session in the coming week.  


Unfortunately, we have taken the decision to cancel the upcoming transition sessions (Tuesday 16th June, Wednesday 24th June & Friday 3rd July) in line with government guidance. 


In the meantime, we hope this video gives you a small insight into Reception at Shirehampton Primary School, please share with your child/children: 


Please keep an eye on this page for updated information. 


Welcome from the Reception team:

Hello everyone! We are looking forward to meeting you all when we can but thought you may appreciate putting faces to names in the meantime! 

Miss Amy McNamee                                   Miss Selina Gilmour

EYFS Lead & London Class Teacher             Edinburgh Class Teacher


Mrs Rachael Crouch and Mrs Sue Hayfield

Reception Class TAs

We know that some of you may be feeling worried about the current situation and about your children missing some of their nursery education. We would like to reassure you we will do all we can to ensure your child settles well into school and appreciate each child as an individual. Please click here to read our handy school readiness leaflet. 

Hope to see you soon,

The Reception Team 


We are delighted that you have chosen Shirehampton Primary School and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our School. We recognise that this is an uncertain time and would like to reassure you we are preparing as normal. 

We are continuing to plan our induction and transition sessions and will be guided by the government advice as to whether or not these can take place nearer to the time.

We will keep this page updated with everything you need to know.

Reception is the final year of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and is also the first year of the Primary School.  Starting school can be a daunting step for both children and parents, yet it is also an exciting time.  We work closely in partnership with parents and do all we can to support you and your child.

Here at Shirehampton Primary School, we aim to make starting school as easy a process as possible.  Your child will learn in an environment very similar to that of a Nursery or pre-school setting and will gradually be introduced to the life of the whole school.  We make links with your child’s previous setting so that information can be shared and we can begin to build up a picture of your child’s development, ready for when they start here.

The Early Years curriculum supports playful learning, building on the children’s interests.  We maintain a balance of activities, including both child-led and adult-led sessions.  Your child will also learn phonics, building on work already started in Nursery.  They will begin learning to read and write using a structured phonic approach.

To aid a smooth transition from their existing setting to school, we offer a number of sessions in the summer term where your child can meet the adults and other children in their new class and get to know their new surroundings.  These sessions are invaluable in building new relationships and help prepare children and parents ready for September.

All children start on a part-time basis initially.  This again helps children to build positive relationships and settle into school more quickly.  Children will attend mornings or afternoons and then swap to experience the other part of the day and will gradually build up to including lunch.  This period usually lasts for 4 weeks only.

New Parents Meeting: Tuesday 9th June 6.00 – 7.00pm                            (Parents only please – no children)

This meeting will be an opportunity for you to find out about how we work at Shirehampton Primary and meet the Reception team.  We will also give you information about what class your child will be in and our induction process for starting school in September.

Transition Sessions: - these will be for your child to meet their classmates, class teacher and teaching assistant. 

Tuesday 16th June


Stay and Play

(Parents welcome to stay)

Wednesday 24th June

1:30- 2:30pm

Play and Story time

(Children only)

Friday 3rd July

1:30- 2:30pm

Play and Story time

(Children only)

For each of these transition sessions, if your child currently attends our nursery class, please take them to nursery as usual and the children will be escorted to their new class by the nursery staff.  They can also be collected from nursery at the usual time at the end of the day.

If your child does not attend our nursery, please bring them to the corner gate entrance on St. Mary’s Walk.  

We look forward to meeting all of you at the New Parents Meeting on Tuesday 9th June 2020.