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Texting Service and                                  Reporting Absences

The school uses a texting service, Teachers2Parents, to communicate with parents. As long as we have a working mobile telephone number you will receive texts. This service is typically used to remind parents of forth coming events as well as to inform you if a request for a planned absence has been authorised or declined and which after school clubs your child has gained a place in. As there are a limited number of characters we can use in each text we use some abbreviations:  Abbreviations used in text messages       

You can download the Teachers2Parents app from Google Play here and from the App Store here.

As a parent you are encouraged to use the Studybugs App to report if your child is absent from school. Please ensure you let us know your child will be absent as soon as possible and before 9:30am. Our registers close at 9am and if your child is absent and we haven't heard from you, we will contact you so we can correctly code this absence.

Parents are reminded that school expects every child to attend school everyday unless they are not well enough. Please see our guidelines for when your child is unwell for advice. Parents can check the NHS website for further advice as well.


You can access Studybugs here to register and download the app.