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The international primary curriculum and the use of critical skills programme have quickly created more enjoyment and engagement of pupils’ learning and their achievement is starting to improve.

Judith Rundle, Her Majesty’s Inspector, Ofsted, January 2012


I was really impressed by the professionalism of your staff and the enthusiasm of pupils. I am always pleased to see children enjoying their lessons and it’s great to see how much pupils give back when they see learning as a fun activity as well as an important activity . . . but it was also very clear that you have created a very inclusive learning environment where every pupil seems to be engaged.

Ian Cameron, Ian Cameron Media, July 2012


The breadth and balance of the curriculum meets the needs, aptitudes and interests of pupils. This is the result of the well-led development and implementation of the International Primary Curriculum.”

Michael Moore, School Improvement Partner, June 2012


I would like to thank you personally for your schools bright idea of producing newsletters in every language for the parents to be of better understanding.

Parent of a Year 3 and 6 pupil and Turkish community co-ordinator, November 2012


Goooooooo Shirehampton – you’re the best!

Parent of a Year 1 pupil


That’s fantastic news about the report; well done to all.

Parent of a Year 3 pupil


Well done to you all and your hard work.

Parent of a Year 4 pupil
Following our successful Ofsted inspection, March 2013


The new homework is fantastic and I hope it stays; seeing the children in the playground with their finished projects is just great! Makes you have ‘family’ time working together to help with it; so much better than completing sheets which go in their heads and straight back out!

Parent of a Year 4 pupil, May 2014


I would just like to congratulate everyone who was involved with the school production which took place this week. It was such a pleasure to watch, mainly because the children were clearly enjoying themselves, made apparent not only by their fantastic loud singing voices but by the look of sheer happiness on their faces. I would also like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we are with SPS in general and over the past 5 years (since Miss Munton was appointed Headteacher). We have seen it go from strength to strength! It is reassuring to know that parents are listened to and in my experiences, the welfare of the children is always a priority. The attention and support shown to my son, who recently experienced a period of anxiety, was without fault and I would like to thank Carol Hone and Louisa Munton for their input with this situation. Working within health and social care myself, I know how quick people are to complain (especially when you are entrusted with their loved ones) so felt I should take the time to offer you some positive feedback which I hope you will be able to add to your compliments folder (which I imagine is overflowing).

Parent of a Year 1 and 5 pupil, July 2014


I don’t have the words to be able to explain exactly what the course has done for me…. the outcome has been extremely positive for me and has day to day implications on my own life as well as I hope it will on my daughter’s. I can’t thank you both enough and I hope that the system is in place that allows you both to run the course as long as possible.

Parent who attended the parenting course run at school, July 2014


I wanted to thank Louisa, you and all the staff for allowing the children to come to St Mary’s again for their end of term service. We all felt it was a wonderful celebratory time and the children were amazing – both in behaviour and the way they read, etc. I thought their singing was wonderful, the choir was really excellent and all the children sang really enthusiastically, it was lovely to see.

St Mary’s Church, December 2015


I would just like to say a very big thank you for all involved in Year 5 camp and the London trip. P thoroughly enjoyed herself and absolutely loved the experiences. She was thrilled about seeing Matilda with all her friends. I know it takes a lot of organising and teachers own time to arrange and accommodate.

Parent of two children attending Shirehampton Primary School, April 2016


I am writing to you to say that my eight years in SPS have been amazing…. So what I want to say is thank you to everyone because this is a school I will never forget.

Ex-pupil, July 2016


I feel the need to thank Louisa Munton for listening and being there for me and my children.

Parent of two children attending Shirehampton Primary School, December 2016