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Weekly and termly home learning (homework)

Home learning

Here you will find your weekly and termly home learning. We require that children read with an adult 4 x weekly and that reading records are signed by an adult, once read.

Please practice your times tables daily by using TT Rockstars or by writing them down. We recommend playing 5 minutes a day to maximise the retention of the multiplication facts.

A topic based home learning activity will be handed out at the end of each term. Children who complete their home learning will earn a reward during a lesson towards the end of term. If home learning isn't completed, the activity will have to be done in lesson time.



Weekly spellings will be posted on this page every Friday. Please help your child practice by using Spelling Shed. The link can be found below.

Click for website and games


Term 2 Week 3 Test 27.11.20

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Words spelt with ‘ea’:

1.    each

2.  reach

3.  lead

4.  leave

5.  squeak

6.   peach

7.   teach

8.  leaf

9.   beak

10. real


Words ending in –il:

1.    pencil

2.  fossil

3.  nostril

4.  pupil

5.  april

6.   gerbil

7.   lentil

8.  evil

9.   anvil

10. basil


Adding suffixes with vowels:

1.    forgetting

2.  forgotten

3.  beginning

4.  preferred

5.  permitted

6.   regretting

7.   committed

8.  forbidden

9.   propelled

10. equipped




termly homework

Please see the link below for details of the half term home learning tasks. Please be aware that every child that completes their home learning will be given a reward towards the end of term, to celebrate the hard work that they have put into their learning outside of school.

Year 3 Term 2 Home Learning Term 2 home Learning is due in on Friday 20th November.