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Weekly and termly home learning (homework)


Year 1 spellings

We will be putting the weekly spellings for Mrs Carobene's and Mr Ellway's English groups on this page. Please help your child practise them, as we will be testing them every Thursday. 

Term 2: The date displayed below is the date the children will be tested on the words so they need to learn them ready for the test date.

Mr Ellway's Spelling Group Mrs Carobene's Spelling Group

5.11.20 - catch, kitchen, hutch, ditch, match, fetch, notch, witch, watch, patch


12.11.20 - very, happy, funny, party, family, give, have, love, five, save


19.11.20 - flowers, boxes, lunches, apples, beaches, trees, dishes dogs, peaches, clouds


26.11.20 - hunting, buzzing, walking, jumping, shouting, hunted, buzzed, walked, jumped, shouted


3.12.20 - fresher, quicker, higher, hardest, darkest, unhappy, undo, unload, unfair, unlock


10.12.20 - pocket, rabbit, carrot, thunder, sunset, football, playground, farmyard, bedroom, blackberry


17.12.20 - rain, train, afraid, join, point, wait, paid, coin, oil, soil




5.11.20 - of, will,this, looked, where, they, back, out


12.11.20 - her, all, oh, then, with, after, some, was


19.11.20 - now, do, that, there, one, have, from, them


26.11.20 - when, saw, made, come, were, your, very, what


3.12.20 - asked, don't, called, so, their, make, Mr, Mrs


10.12.20 - about, it's, could, people, house, just, children, put


17.12.20 - day, old, time, make, help, off, I'm, by

We will be using

Numbots and

Spelling Shed 

Login details will be sent home at the end of Term 2.