What are our Current Plans?

The school is now in a good financial position as a result of reviews of all our contracts including human resources, payroll and financial support combined with cost effective savings across all our operations.  We have also benefitted from additional funding from central government through the application of the Pupil Premium for our pupils benefitting from free school meals.  Our strategy is to invest strongly for the benefit of all our children and staff.

Over the last few years, our priority has been to focus on investment in the curriculum and the development of our teaching staff and learning environment.  This led to the introduction of critical skills teaching and the International Primary Curriculum and we are amongst the first primary schools in Bristol to adopt these initiatives to strengthen our teaching and learning.  We know through our own conversations,  observations and consultations that pupils have been inspired in particular by the topic-led work which spans the entire curriculum and has resulted in themed weeks, WOW events and family projects.  Staff have also been inspired and re-motivated by the innovative teaching methods they now adopt as a matter of course.  We have also invested heavily in our playground and outside learning environment with the Playpod being very popular with pupils and a particular success.

Our toilet facilities have been refurbished to create a much more pleasant and hygienic environment for our children.  Improvements have been made in the Nursery to make that space even more appropriate for early learning.  Our programme of classroom redecoration continues to bring the school up to a higher standard which will enhance learning and comfort for staff and children alike.  All classrooms now have new blinds as part of that programme of investment.  Outside, both our sports cages have had Astroturf laid making them much more user friendly.  New goal posts have also been installed at the children’s request and the School Council raised half the funds through sponsored events which was matched by the Governors.  We have been able to bring in a specialist to work with the children to develop and create the space on St Mary’s Walk to create a garden and additional outside learning area.

Governors continue to focus on raising standards, expectations and aspirations.  Our Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs results continue to be good and prove that standards are improving across the school.  Staff have been trained in the Thrive Approach which is impacting positively on improving pupil progress.  Thrive training has helped all staff identify emotional needs in children which often leads to behaviour which interrupts their own and others’ learning.  The Thrive Approach further develops our existing behaviour strategy but also our understanding of children’s brain development, emotional development and social skills development which results in a healthy sense of well-being and worth in every child.

Restorative justice is embedded across the school and is extremely successful as part of our behaviour management strategy.  Restorative justice means children (and adults) being accountable and responsible for their own actions.  By addressing persistent rule-breaking, which often is merely to get attention, and by raising individual self-esteem we aim to reduce disruption and interruption to learning in lessons and in the playground.

Finally, we have been continuing our investment in technology and have made significant improvements in IT equipment and resources throughout the school.  As a result we have also increased our use of mobile technology and continue to weave ICT throughout the curriculum.