School starts at 8:50am and all pupils are expected to be in school for this time.  If pupils arrive after 8.50am the register will record them as ‘late’; if they arrive after 9:00am, the register will record them as ‘unauthorised absence’.

If a pupil is unable to come to school, parents/carers are asked to inform the office, stating the reason, so this can be properly recorded in the register.

If we have not been informed of any absence this is followed up by office staff before 9:30am.

Our Learning Mentor and Headteacher monitor the attendance of all pupils and work with parents/carers to ensure that pupils are in school for the vast majority of time.  An Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) visits the school every Term to monitor attendance. Parents/carers may be asked to come and meet with the Headteacher and the EWO to discuss poor attendance and to plan for improvements.

Please also see the school’s Attendance Policy