The Governing Body has worked closely with the school’s senior leadership team to develop and evolve a sustainable, fair and appropriate Behaviour & Discipline Policy which reflects our high expectations of pupils, staff and parents/carers.

The Behaviour & Discipline Policy is perhaps one of the most emotive of school policies.  However, the Governing Body strongly believes that good behaviour is essential for the smooth running of the school and for the highest levels of teaching and learning to be achieved.  Disruption of  learning by a minority of pupils is not acceptable and by adopting the restorative justice approach we hope that all children will become more responsible and more accountable for their behaviour.

Governors believe it is important that school is a safe place to work and to learn; that our leaders model excellent behaviour and that everyone is responsible for good behaviour in school – not just teachers but all support staff, Governors and parents/carers.

We believe that parents/carers who have chosen to send their children to Shirehampton Primary School have also chosen to accept our Behaviour Policy and will apply it to their own children.

Behaviour Policy