Personal Social Health Education

Personal Social Health Education Theme Overview


PSHE is an important subject for our school and is taught weekly in every Year Group.

Our PSHE planning follows two PSHE elements:

Jigsaw Scheme of work: This scheme explores feelings, relationships and achieving our goals. It will also cover relationship and sex education during term 6.

Lifelines: These themes are about teaching children valuable life skills from healthy eating, safety, drugs and mental health. Each year group will spend an afternoon a term covering one of these topics.

Each year group follows these themes termly when they are planning their weekly PSHE sessions.

TERM 1: JIGSAW: Being me in my world.

TERM 2: JIGSAW: Celebrating differences

TERM 3: JIGSAW: Dreams and goals

TERM 4: JIGSAW: Healthy me

TERM 5: JIGSAW: Relationships

TERM 6: JIGSAW: Changing me (Relationship and Sex education)