Pupil Premium Funding & School Strategy

Shirehampton Primary School is amongst several schools in North Bristol which pioneered the use of special government funding aimed at supporting those children deemed to be economically disadvantaged.  Following the success of a scheme known in Bristol as ‘School’s Out’, this evolved into the Pupil Premium.

Qualifying pupils are those in receipt of free school meals and the school receives an additional per capita sum for each child.

Schools are free to use this money however they chose to overcome those barriers and Shirehampton Primary School’s approach is to ensure that money is used to give equal opportunities to those children who would otherwise miss out on experiences such as school trips, camp, music or sports lessons and after-school clubs.  This additional funding has also allowed us to extend our pastoral care programme which benefits all children in school because of the positive impact on behaviour, attainment and achievement.

At Shirehampton Primary School, Governors have measured the effect of the pupil premium funding in the following ways:

  • Increased motivation and engagement in learning
  • Positive family experiences through away days
  • Support of family dynamics and self-esteem
  • Better partnerships with parents
  • Sharing family experiences of school which support of our school improvement cycle
  • Improved attendance
  • Children who are more resilient to learning and able to take responsibility for what they do
  • Attendance at after school clubs
  • Access to specialised resources to support families eg CAMHS, educational psychologists and behaviour specialists
  • Overall improvement in behaviour, attainment and achievement

The effect has been very positive and has contributed to improved school life.  More information relating to the Pupil Premium is available from the Department for Education website: Pupil Premium

How Pupil Premium Funding has been used at Shirehampton Primary School to support raising pupils’ aspirations and attainment

Please see the school’s Pupil Premium 2013-2014 ReportPupil Premium Report 2014-2015 – Funding Allocations Pupil Premium 2015-2016 Report – Funding Allocations  and Pupil Premium Report 2016-2017 – Funding Allocations