School Background/History

An Introduction to Our School


Our school has been Shirehampton’s community school since 1927 when it was established as separate infant and junior schools.  The distinctive red brick buildings include a freestanding gym which has recently been refurbished.  The school continues to thrive as part of the local community and the original two schools were amalgamated in 2000 to form Shirehampton Primary School.




The physical joining of the two schools was completed in 2001 with the addition of the new reception and administrative area at its centre.  In 2007 a further extension was added to accommodate the Kingsweston Centre which specialises in teaching children with autism.


More recently we have acquired a piece of green space at the rear of houses in St Mary’s Walk which is being developed from ideas and drawings by the children and with the help of our Parent Council.  We have also created ‘green’ space in the playground with the installation of astroturf in our two sports cages.