School Organisation & Who’s Who

Class Structure


At Shirehampton Primary School we have two classes in each Year Group starting with Reception and all the way through to Year 6.  Teaching staff are expected to teach across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and the assignment of teachers is reviewed every year in order to optimise their strengths, skills and experience for the benefit of our pupils.  We also have a Nursery with places for up to 60 children across the sessions.  We have above average numbers of teaching assistants across the school who support teaching staff and children with particular needs.


Teaching Staff


As well as our teaching staff covering each classroom, we also have part time PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) teachers who cover the 10% non-teaching time for each full time class teacher.  We also have a modern foreign language (MFL) teacher, Carmen Garcia, who teaches Spanish right across the school including Nursery.


Pastoral Support Team


We have a non-teaching Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) who is supported by learning support assistants (LSAs) who work with specific groups of pupils such as those who don’t have English as their first language.  Mel Burrowes, our SENCo and Deputy Headteacher, and Jan Filer, our Family Link Worker, work alongside our Learning Mentor, Simon Penrose, and our Deputy Learning Mentor, Sarah Wagland, to support some of our more vulnerable children and families.  This pastoral support team is led by the Learning Mentor who works closely with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher on matters of behaviour, self-esteem, bullying, child protection, mentoring, buddying and signposting to external agencies who can help families with issues in those areas.

s LogoPrintShirehampton Primary School is proud of the close links we have with Young Carers and Youth Links which provide support and guidance for any child who is a young carer.  Both external agencies support our young carers and enable them to be emotionally stable as well as be fully involved in their own learning.


Staff List

Our Teachers from September 2016
Nicky Carey Under 3s Shirehampton
Selina Gilmour Nursery Bristol*
Lucy Widdess RE Edinburgh
Amy MacNamee RM London
Sarah Franks 1F Paris
Jo Carobene 1C Barcelona
Kirsty Whitley / Poppy Bulteel 2W New York
Richard Lohan 2P Toronto
Rebecca Sullivan / Mike Sell 3S Rio de Janeiro
Nigel Ellway 3T La Paz
Joanna Smith (on maternity leave) 4S Antananarivo
Emma Wall (maternity leave cover) 4S Antananarivo
Huw Cottle / Natalie Roberts 4C Timbuktu
Nigel Halligan 5P Shanghai
Richard McNerney 5M Bangkok
Sarah Gardner 6S Honiara
Mikaela Thomas 6E Suva
*Each class has been assigned a place name starting with Bristol for nursery and stretching further afield as children move up the school.

Other Teaching Staff

Melina  Burrowes Deputy Headteacher and SENCo
Carmen Garcia Spanish
Michael Sell PPA cover
Claire Gallagher PPA cover
Natalie Roberts PPA cover
Poppy Bulteel Booster groups

Pastoral Support

Simon Penrose Learning Mentor
Sarah Wagland Deputy Learning Mentor
Jan Filer Family Link Worker and Counsellor
Charlotte Weston Key Stage 1 SEN
Lisa Cooper Key Stage 2 Special Educational Needs (SEN)
Leona Tucker Play Therapist

Learning Support Assistants

Nicola Johnson Under 3s
Nokomis Allen Under 3s and Nursery
Aileen Walsh Breakfast Club and Nursery
Kayleigh Challenger (on maternity leave) Nursery
Karen Blunt (maternity leave cover) Nursery
Rachael Crouch Reception
Sue Hayfield Reception
Linda Pierce Year 1 and Nurture Room
Gemma Craig (maternity leave cover) Year 1
Kerri Nias (on maternity leave) Year 1
Kirsty Chandler Year 1
Janet McLeod Year 1
Tracy Godwin Year 1
Keren Cross Year 2
Zena Cummings-Snow Year 2
Kim Collins Year 3
Kate Gannaway Year 3/4
Rachel Godfrey Year 3/4 and Nurture Room
Sue Pinnell Year 5
Lindsay Barnes Year 5/6
Faith Douglas Year 5/6 and Breakfast Club
Tracy Clark Year 5/6 and Breakfast Club
Monika Szczap Bilingual (Polish)
Fatme Kapza Bilingual (Turkish)

Playground/Lunch Assistants

Sarah Wagland
(Senior/Supervising SMSA)
Tracy Godwin
(Senior/Supervising SMSA)
Alison Mathers
(Wet Play Supervisor)
Ann-Marie Vernall
April Daniel Lisa Cooper
Hayley Dymock Lynn Chandler
Janet McLeod Pat Diston
Kim Collins Sally Everett
Kirsty Carmichael Tracy Clark
Kirsty Chandler Victoria Hunter
Nicola Leighton


Emma Corrigan School Business Manager
Michele Daniels Office Manager
Carol Hone Office Assistant
Aileen Walsh Office Assistant
Alison Mathers Office Assistant
Elizabeth Jahn Clerk to the Governing Body


Michael Cole Caretaker
Louisa Munton Headteacher