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St Mary's Walk, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9RR

0117 903 1447


Shirehampton Primary School

Support Staff

Learning Support and Teaching Assistants:

Lauren Krupa - Under 3s and Nursery (Room Leader)

Charlotte Pierce - Under 3s and Nursery (Second In Charge Room Leader)

Nicola Thomson - Under 3s and Nursery (Second In Charge Room Leader)

Nokomis Allen - Under 3s and Nursery

Georgia Rogers - Under 3s and Nursery

Emma Gissing - Under 3s and Nursery

Emma Ross - Under 3s and Nursery

Kaci Button - Under 3s and Nursery

Marie Pickett - Under 3s and Nursery

Rachael Crouch - Reception

Aileen (Ace) Walsh - Reception

Janet McLeod - Reception

Carly James - Reception

Kim Collins - Year 1

Laura Fox - Year 1

Sidney Stephens (SEN LSA) - Year 1

Liah Leonard (SEN LSA) - Year 2

Linda Pierce - Year 2 

Tracy Godwin - Year 2

Paula Brand - Year 3

Jessica Stephen - Year 3 and Year 5

Kayleigh Challenger - Year 3

Martyna Hillar - Year 4

Jessica Hannan - Year 4

Lucy Renee-Cosh - Year 5

Mya Harris - Year 5 (1 to 1 support)

Jessica Wagland - Year 5

Kate Gannaway - Year 6 and Freedom programme and Freedom for Children programme

Emily Wlaznik - Year 6

Lindsay Barnes - Year 6 and Freedom programme and Freedom for Children programme

Sam Palmer - Nurture Room, Thrive interventions, Freedom programme and Freedom for Children programme

Magdalena Bartel - Bilingual LSA

Sam Pick - SEND support admin

Tracy Clark - HLTA Specialist Resource Base

Franki Sidebottom - TA Specialist Resource Base

Ann-Marie Vernall - TA Specialist Resource Base

Louise White - TA Specialist Resource Base and SEND lead in EYFS 

Jonathan Woodford - Sports Coach

SEN Teaching Assistants:

Charlotte Weston - Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (SEND)

Suzanne Cocking - Key Stage 2 Special Educational Needs (SEND)

Reading Buddies:

Emily Wlaznik

Sidney Stephens

Katie Moore'

Lynne Matthews

Playground/Lunch Assistants:

Alison Mathers - (Wet Play Supervisor)

Jess Collier

Lynne Chandler

Kate Gannaway

Jessica Hannan

Lynne Matthews

Laura Fox

Katie Moore

Jess Wagland 

Liah Leonard

Emily Wlaznik

Emma Ross

Bibi Amini

Sidney Stephens

Louise Tucker

Mya Harris

Joanne Young

Sue Stockham

Denise Powell

Breakfast Club:

Sarah Wagland

Paul Maddaford

Aileen Walsh (Ace)

Tracy Clark