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St Mary's Walk, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9RR

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Shirehampton Primary School

Curriculum Coverage - what we learn

Our provision is based around a high-structure/high-nurture approach, in order to support our children with their emotional regulation. Learning will be tailored to the children’s individual needs and delivered using a practical and play-based approach. Alongside academic learning, we continuously work to support our pupils with managing their emotions and developing positive relationships. Sensory breaks are also an important part of our day to support the children with their attention and focus. Please have a look at our termly curriculum overview and timetable below to see what our term and typical day will look like in Canberra Class:


Term 1

English: Colour Monster

Maths: Maths No Problem!

Topic: All About Me

Term 1 Timetable


Term 2

English skills: Sequencing, sentence structure, poster, leaflet, instructions, letters

Maths: Maths No Problem!

Topics: The Gunpowder Plot, Jungle, Remembrance Day, Canberra, Yetis and Myths, Electricity, Christmas

Term 2 Timetable


Term 3

English skills: Sentence structure, research, non-fiction writing, posters, leaflets

Maths: Maths No Problem!

Topics: New Year's Resolutions, Space, Chinese New Year, Oceans/Under the Sea, Vikings

Term 3 update- We had a fantastic term learning all about our different topics. We had lots of fun learning about the planets and creating our very own solar system. We loved making (and eating!) our Chinese New Year noodles, and trying to create our own dragon dance by working as a team. We enjoyed designing and making our own Viking shields out of cardboard. We developed our social skills by working as a team, and trying to build up our resilience to remember that we can do hard things!

Term 3 Timetable


Term 4

English skills: Acrostic poems, diary entries, rhyming and rap, fact-files, story innovation, sequencing and retelling

Maths: Maths No Problem!

Topics: Kindness Week and Bristol, weather, World Book Day, Romans, pets and Easter

Term 4 update- We have had a very busy term learning all about our topics. We learnt about the landmarks of Bristol and made a model of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. We created a weather forecast and made our own weather symbol collages. We enjoyed listening to lots of different stories to celebrate World Book Day. We spoke about our pets and how we could look after them. We made our very own Roman shields too! We continued to try hard to work as a team, and began to learn all about the hidden expected and unexpected behaviours there are in the classroom.

Term 4 Timetable


Term 5

English skills: Diary entry, instructions, narrative writing, lists, descriptive words, using our phonetic knowledge to spell words

Maths: Maths No Problem!

Topics: Life cycles, toys, the United Kingdom, extreme Earth, Dinosaurs, houses

 Term 5 Timetable