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Shirehampton Primary School

Behaviour Policy

Here at SPS we believe that all children have the ability to grow into responsible and successful adults. Some will need more guidance and support than others, but with the right provision and care anything is achievable!

When children make poor choices, we know that their behaviour is a way of communicating a need and that it is our job to tackle and unpick the root cause. This may take time but with our robust and consistent child-centred approach we see children make positive and informed choices whilst understanding the feelings and sensations they are experiencing.

All children are treated fairly and as individuals. We reward positive behaviour and work together to deliver the life skills that are needed to face the daily challenges that life can bring.

Behaviour Policy

Child Friendly Behaviour Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Child Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy

Guidance on internal isolation


child friendly behaviour policy.pdf


child friendly anti bullying policy.pdf