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Shirehampton Primary School

Home School Agreement

If we are to ensure that all our children receive a high quality education it is vital that school and parents / carers work together, in partnership, and understand and value the important part we each have to play.

Every year school and parents commit to our Home-School Agreement which clearly states what school, parents / carers and the children themselves can expect of each other every day. It provides a common framework that we all have ownership of and aims to ensure that:

  • children get the most out of their education every day;
  • parents understand how they can best support their children and the school andteachers and staff provide a safe and informative learning environment for all.

The Home-School Agreement will last for the length of time your child is in education at the school from their year in Reception until the end of year 6.

Thank you for your continued help and support on our journey to becoming an outstanding school.

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