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Shirehampton Primary School

School Uniform

Shirehampton Primary School's uniform colour is dark blue.

The children wear a dark blue jumper (sweatshirt or knitted) or a cardigan (also sweatshirt or knitted) and either a white, dark blue or pale blue polo shirt. These items can be purchased with the school logo on via the school office. Equally high street shops and supermarkets sell dark blue jumpers or cardigans and white, dark blue and pale blue polo shirts without the school logo. Either is acceptable.

Trousers and skirts can be either dark grey or black and summer dresses should be blue and white in colour.


Ready for colder weather school fleeces can also be purchased.


For PE children should wear shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms that are plain and dark in colour - dark blue, black or grey. They should not have large logos on. Every child is given one coloured PE t-shirt when they start the school; subsequent PE t-shirts need to be purchased. The colour of the t-shirt represents the colour of the House every child is placed in: Cheng Ho (green), Estervanico (yellow), Sir Francis Drake (blue) and Louise Boyd (red).

To place an order complete the School Uniform Order Form and drop it into the school office or ask us for a paper copy. All uniform ordered via the school will have our logo on it. A small stock is retained by the school office but most items can be ordered.  Parents/carers should speak to Carol Hone, Administrative Assistant, to find out more.

Pupils are expected to wear school uniform and parents will be contacted if this is not the case.  We believe it is important that our pupils are proud to belong to the school and of wearing our school uniform.

We request that school shoes are sensible and dark in colour.  Trainers are acceptable as footwear and if worn, must also be a dark colour.

Due to health and safety reasons, only small stud earrings are acceptable. Watches can be worn. It is requested that any other jewellery is not worn to school.

Nail varnish is not allowed to be worn to school by children.  Nail varnish remover is kept in school and nail varnish will be removed by staff.