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Shirehampton Primary School

Weekly and termly home learning (homework)

Use your learning log to record any fantastic learning you have been doing at home. It can be a scrap book of your learning journey through Reception. Practice your sounds, key words, numbers, drawing, mark making - anything at all. We love to see the learning logs full of child led work. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any questions or would like any more information. 



We will upload our sounds of the week here so you can have a go at practicing these at home! These parent information sheets are fantastic at giving you all the different ways to practice our new sounds. See if you can go on a 'sound hunt' and find objects beginning with our focus sounds!


Level 2 s,a,t,p

 Level 2 i,n,m,d

Level 2 g,o,c,k

 Level 2 ck,e,u,r

Level 2 h,b,f,l

Level 2 ff,ll,ss

Level 3 j,v,w,x

Level 3 y,z,qu,ch

Level 3 sh,th,th,ng

Level 3 ai,ee,igh,oa

Level 3 oo,oo,ar,or

Level 3 ur,ow,oi,ear

Level 3 air,ure,er


Here are our number formation cards. These are the rhymes we use to help us form numerals. Using objects around the house is a great way to practice practical counting. Try a 'number hunt' around the local area - see what numbers you can see on doors! This term we will be doing lots of counting practice and exploring different representations of number. I wonder how many steps you can do in the park! 


copy of number formation rhyme cards.pdf

Please click on the links below to access some great resources that we use everyday in class.


Subitising numbers to 10- matching cards
Number shape cut outs