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St Mary's Walk, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9RR

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Shirehampton Primary School

Weekly and termly home learning 


Time is precious spent with our children.  At home you can do all things fun and wonderful with them.

Share and read books with your children, our book of the term is 'Elmer' you will be surprised at how much your children enjoy and join in with this story. Some of the children even know the author.

Encourage your children to put their own coat and shoes on.

Encourage your children to eat with a knife and fork.

Count your steps on the way to school.

Encourage them to thoroughly wash their hands.

Encourage potty training, if your child is ready for this step.  Don't forget Nursery is here to support, encourage and help.

Go for a walk and look for conkers, leaves and acorns.

Enjoy those special times together, talking about what is happening.

All in all enjoy the time you have together as a family.


Home links

Each week we will send home (in learning logs) a home link for the children to complete with their parents. This relates to the learning/PSHE activities we will be doing for the following week. This is voluntary but advisable.