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Helping at Home

READING: Whilst it is important to listen to your child read, at this age, it is also important to be questioning your child's understanding. Here are a list of questions you could use to ask your child as they are reading:

- What do you remember so far?

- What do you think might happen next?

- Who are the key characters in the book?

- Why is (character X) feeling that way?

- Why did the author use (word X) and why?

- Can you find some amazing adjectives/verbs/adverbs?

- Why do you think the character did that?

- What other stories have you read that are similar?

- What period is the story set in and why do you think that?


WRITING: We would encourage children to write freely at home and practise their range of punctuatio, grammar and spellings. 

Spellings are sent home (normally) every week and children should be practising them ready for their tests by writing them into interesting sentences.


MATHS:  In Year 6, children benefit from fluency in times tables so we woud encourage for them to practise regularly at home. In their Maths SATS, children are expected to complete an arithmetic paper in 30 minutes (36 questions = less than a minute per question!) so children would also benefit from regular practise of their calculation methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.