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Useful Websites

This website listed above has clear examples of current Mathematical teaching methods for each area of Maths and examples for you to use with your children.        This website is tablet friendly.    Lots of tips for parents and links to other useful websites.  A range of maths games, problems and articles on all areas of maths. Parents of Key Stage 1 children should select ‘stage 1’ and parents of Key Stage 2 children should select ‘stage 2’.


Maths App for children squeebles

Useful Reading Websites for Parents

Phonics information for parents (KS1)   Tablet friendly

Phonics for children (KS1)

Reading information for parents (KS1 and KS2)

Books for children to read.

This has links to lots of advice/tips and resources for both KS1 and KS2 parents.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) information for parents    KS1     KS1     KS1