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How to help your child at home

PHONICS and Reading

Completely free to use on the computer. Focusses on reading. *HIGHLY RECOMMEND* 

Free 30 day trial for parents- excellent phonic resource

Lots of information and guidance for parents/carers

A selection of interactive games for all phonic phases. Mostly simple games.



All include a Variety of interactive games



Teach Your Monster to Read

Meet the Alphablocks!

PocketPhonics Stories

Sight Words & Phonics

Hairy words 1 and 2

Targeting Maths K 

Doodle Maths

IXL Maths

Meet the Numberblocks

Numberblocks: Hide and Seek

EAL resources from Flash academy

Staying Healthy

All about EAL

Activate your Imagination

The world around us

Outdoor Learning Ideas Across the Curriculum: